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Exchanges and returns

The Supplier exchanges / returns any goods that are perfectly intact and in such conditions as to be able to be resold, and accompanied by a copy of the original invoice.
The Customer must immediately contact the Supplier at info@odbmagneti.com to define together whether to replace or re-credit the amount paid.

Attention: the report must be made within the term of 10 working days required by law.

List the items to be changed or replaced on the invoice and send to the following address: ODB Srl, Via Appennini 28, 21034 Cocquio-Trevisago (VA) Italy).
The shipping package for exchange / return must be correctly packaged and must indicate the reference invoice number. The Customer is responsible for the transport costs for the exchange of goods.
The Supplier will consequently reject any product returned unpacked, as well as products for which the return costs have not been fully paid by the Customer.
In the event of a return, the Supplier will proceed with the transmission of the re-credit order relating to the cost of the goods shipped within 30 working days following the shipment of the goods by the Customer and in any case not before receipt of the goods.