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Light, Space, and Energy

We are excited to present our new headquarters, a cutting-edge environment designed with a philosophy based on three fundamental principles: light, space, and energy.

ODB Magneti, suppliers of magnets, the new headquarters in Varese


Light is the central element of our design. We have integrated large windows and strategically positioned skylights to maximize the entry of natural light. This not only creates a bright and stimulating work environment but also reduces energy consumption, promoting sustainability. Common areas are flooded with light, fostering an open and welcoming atmosphere, ideal for creativity and collaboration.


The concept of space in our new headquarters is designed to promote well-being and productivity. Each environment is designed to be versatile and functional, with large open areas that facilitate communication and teamwork. Workstations and relaxation areas are arranged to create a perfect balance between work and breaks. We have also paid particular attention to the outdoor green spaces that contribute to creating a serene and rejuvenating environment.

ODB Magnets offices in Varese
ODB Magneti, ufficio open space


Energy is the beating heart of our new headquarters. We have adopted advanced technologies to ensure efficient use of resources. This commitment to energy efficiency not only reduces the environmental impact but also creates a healthier and more dynamic work environment. Our facility is designed to be energy self-sufficient, demonstrating our commitment to a sustainable future.

Renovation and Revaluation

One of the most significant aspects of our project is the decision to renovate an existing building, revaluating and giving it new life. This choice not only allowed us to preserve an important part of the building heritage but also reduced the environmental impact from new construction. The result is a harmonious blend of innovation and tradition, where past and future meet.

Strategic Location

Our new headquarters is located in a convenient industrial area, logistically very convenient and strategic. This location offers easy access to major communication routes, facilitating daily operations and improving connectivity. Despite its industrial location, the building is surrounded by meadows and green hills, offering a natural panorama that contributes to the well-being of our employees and the quality of the work environment.

"Our new headquarters is not just a workplace, but an experience that reflects our values of innovation, sustainability, and well-being. We invite you to learn more and share with us this exciting chapter of our history."